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  1. Fill Your Applicant Pipeline with Digital Advertising

    November 10, 2017 by admin

    By Christy Stewart, Digital Advertising Strategist

    If you wait until you have a job opening to get people interested in working for your company, you’re probably too late. The immediate need creates a sense of urgency, which may lead to hiring a less-than-ideal candidate just to get a warm body in the position.

    This is changing as more companies are moving to recruitment advertising rather than simply posting open positions online. This advertising creates awareness of the company and the benefits of working there. This, in turn, can lead to potential candidates submitting their resumes. Once a position becomes open, the talent acquisition manager has a head start on the hiring process with a reserve of resumes available to consider for the open positions.

    If you think a digital recruitment advertising campaign might be a good next step in your talent acquisition process, here are some digital tactics to consider.

    Geofence/geotarget competitor locations

    If your competitor has many of the same job positions you do, why not target their employees while they’re at work?  Maybe they’ll see your ad after a bad day and wonder if the grass would be greener if they worked for you.

    Reach out to potential employees on Facebook

    Facebook has a trove of targeting information as people willingly put all sorts of information about themselves in their profiles. If you’re looking to a hire a restaurant manager within 15 miles of your restaurant, you can use Facebook to show targeted ads to those who fit that description.

    Place digital ads for individuals “in-market” for employment

    Ad targeting options have gotten much more precise over the past few years, and digital buyers are now able to target those who appear to be in-market for a new position based on other actions they’ve taken digitally. If you’re looking to hire nurses, showing ads to those who are in-market for healthcare positions — whether in an app such as Words with Friends or on a news site such as — allows you to reach the audience you need in a context in which they’re more likely to pay attention. They’ll think you’re speaking directly to them, which, of course, you are.

    If your organization has a large number of open positions or high turnover, now may be time to consider recruitment advertising. With the unemployment rate at 4.1% (the lowest level since December 2000), there is much more competition for great candidates than there was a few years ago. By proactively putting your message in front of potential employees, you can break through the clutter and begin filling your applicant pipeline.

  2. The BEST simulation you’ll find of the upcoming total solar eclipse

    August 18, 2017 by Veronica Lytle

    It’s Friday. And the Coles Marketing team is “geeking” out HARD over the upcoming Solar Eclipse on Monday, Aug. 21. This is THE BEST simulation you’ll find of this impending historic event on the internet. A play-by-play that’s sure to get you jazzed for Monday’s epic eclipse.

    Click below, geek out with us and enjoy!

    The Solar Eclipse: Play-By-Play

    Also, would you attend a solar eclipse viewing party? Yea, it’s a thing.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Coles Marketing Hires Veronica Lytle for Creative Content

    August 3, 2017 by Christopher Lloyd

    Veronica Lytle has joined Coles Marketing as a Creative Content Specialist, bringing a diverse set of skills that include copywriting, graphic design, videography and digital savvy.

    She will help the company’s clients get their message out to their desired audience in inspired ways that grab the public’s attention and evoke connections that turn into customers.

    Lytle has a bachelor’s degree in Telecommunications & Broadcasting from Ball State University. Her professional background is in broadcast television, including stints at several Indianapolis stations where she filled a number of roles, helping build audiences and engagement.

    “In many ways, Veronica represents the next stage in the evolution of the 21st century integrated marketing firm,” said Coles Marketing President Barbara Coles. “She has the creative firepower and versatile toolkit to serve clients across myriad platforms at once.”