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  1. Social media 101

    January 28, 2015 by Christopher Lloyd

    Most people these days at least know what Facebook and Twitter are. But for the more esoteric aspects of social media, a surprisingly large percentage of professional people — even those in creative and/or marketing fields — don’t know their Vines from their Reddits.

    For them, Laura Hale Brockway has a terrific new primer over at PR Daily to help get anyone up to speed on the 2015 social media/digital scene. A few highlights are below, but make sure to click on the article for the whole thing.

    Creative Commons — a nonprofit corporation that makes it easier to share and build upon the work of others, consistent with the rules of copyright. It provides free licenses and other legal tools so others can share, remix, or use works (such as photos and videos) commercially.

    Digg — a social news website that enables members to submit and vote on articles. Articles with the most votes appear on the homepage.

    Flickr a social network that enables users to store and share photos online.

    Hangout a service on Google+ with which users can video chat with up to 10 Google+ users.

    Klout a service that measures a user’s social influence by examining that user’s various social media accounts (such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and providing a score on a scale from one to 100.

    Meme content such as a video, link, or email message that is widely spread. The term can also apply to a concept such as a way of telling a joke or a type of video.

    Reddit a social news site that enables users to share, vote and comment on stories.

    Snapchat a photo-sharing service for smartphones. Users send images to a select group of recipients, and after a set amount of time, those photos (“snaps”) stop being viewable.

    Slideshare a social network for sharing presentations and documents that enables users to embed, comment on, and share presentations.

    StumbleUpon a search engine and toolbar that finds and recommends content to users. It gives users the opportunity to discover and rate websites, photos, and videos that are personalized to their tastes and interests.

    Tumblr a social media website through which users can post multimedia and other content to a short-form blog. Users can follow other users’ blogs, “reblog” content and “like” posts.

    Vimeo a video sharing service, similar to YouTube. Vimeo user videos are often more artistic, and the service does not allow commercial video content.

    Vine a video sharing service through which users can upload videos no longer than six seconds each. Owned by Twitter.

    Yelp a social network and local search website that provides users with a platform to review, rate, and discuss local businesses and services.

  2. Unlock Your Business Potential

    January 21, 2015 by Tiffany Whisner


    Are you looking for the keys to kick-starting your business or organization growth this year? The Coles team is made up of communications experts with backgrounds in everything from digital marketing and media relations to Web design and videography.


    We want you and your business to have a successful year! Let us help you get started with a marketing tip from each team member.


    Barbara Coles

    Barbara Coles

    Barbara Coles, President – Website Lifespan

    A website’s lifespan is typically three to four years. If your website exceeds that time without a major update or redesign, technology is likely to have passed you by, and you risk losing valuable consumers. At Coles Marketing, we use the latest technology and expert design to create websites that generate clicks, calls and leads.




    Brian Coles

    Brian Coles

    Brian Coles, VP Marketing – Integrated Messaging

    The rule of three is now the rule of nine. During our waking hours, we are saturated with marketing messages. Use integrated marketing with consistent messages to reach your audience as many times as possible, where they congregate, to make your brand stand out.




    Chris Mercier

    Chris Mercier

    Chris Mercier, VP Public Relations – Company Reflection and Goals

    Reflect with your team on the year’s communication efforts — what worked and what didn’t. Then talk about company goals you want to accomplish in the New Year with a wish list of how to accomplish each top goal. Don’t be afraid to plan an event to generate some good buzz. And don’t forget internal public relations. Often the enthusiasm of your staff can be the difference between a good year and a great year!



    Tim Coulon

    Tim Coulon

    Tim Coulon, VP Creative – Images and Copyright Infringement

    Don’t assume you can copy images and graphics straight from the Web for articles or graphic projects. Just because an image is on the Internet doesn’t mean it’s free to use. Make sure you own the copyright for images before they are used for personal or commercial use. Copyright infringement is illegal and carries with it possible significant consequences.



    Kevin Moore

    Kevin Moore

    Kevin Moore, Multimedia Designer – Responsive Email Campaigns

    With the usage and popularity of mobile devices continuing to increase, businesses should make sure to offer responsive email campaigns. Responsive campaigns provide the optimal viewing experience across various platforms, whether a desktop or a variety of mobile devices. Here are a few selections to explore:


    Tiffany Whisner

    Tiffany Whisner

    Tiffany Whisner, Account Manager/Social Media Strategist – Social Media Education

    Focus on expanding your social media education, and continue to learn more each day. Just as the social media world is always evolving — companies need to evolve their social media strategies and tactics. Stay consistent with posting to your social media platforms, and make sure to add videos and images to your posts. Be open-minded, and pay attention to new social media tips and tricks.



    Shawn Sorrells

    Shawn Sorrells

    Shawn Sorrells, Videographer/Account Manager – 4K Resolution of Video

    Marketers and consumers need to understand what 4K resolution is — because the transition from HD to 4K is starting to happen in the video industry. Just like the switch from standard to HD, 4K is the next level of digital television and video. With four times the number of pixels, 4K video has better colors, better contrast and a sharper resolution. Check out this chart for a great visual:



    Teresa Tanner

    Teresa Tanner

    Teresa Tanner, Financial Manager/Event Planner – Plan Events Now

    Schedule your company and client events now. You don’t want to wait until the last minute to book a location or venue for a certain date or time. It’s best to start planning as soon as you can! Do you need to reserve a rental or book some live entertainment? Many special events involve complex logistics, and early planning can lessen your stress.




    Christopher Lloyd

    Christopher Lloyd

    Christopher Lloyd, Senior Copywriter/Editor – Importance of Micro Content

    Don’t ignore the importance of “micro content.” That’s the online display copy that shows up next to the teaser of an online article. Research shows Web users spend less than 10 seconds deciding whether or not to click on a link. That means people aren’t going to read your content if the teaser isn’t enough of a tease! Make sure your micro content is on-target, snappy and gives an accurate gist of what you’re writing about.



    Lisa Deremiah

    Lisa Deremiah

    Lisa Deremiah, Business Development – Market Your Business

    Make sure your business stays current in marketing itself. If your website is old, let’s get it up to date. It needs to be responsive on all viewing platforms — the pinching and pulling of text on your mobile device when viewing a site designed for your desktop is out of style. Keep your company information easy to access, and your customers will be appreciative. Coles Marketing is here to help with this and any other marketing needs!

  3. Get a Zen State of Mind

    December 16, 2014 by Tiffany Whisner


    The end of the year is a season of both panic and pause. The holidays are here, and you want to check off all the gifts on your list and get your home prepared for the festivities. There is the chaos of work to get done before 2014 expires.

    But just as you want to keep your body in good health, you must do the same for your business.


    Tiffany Whisner

    Tiffany Whisner

    Pick up around the office

    Before you get too overwhelmed at the end of the year, take the time to tie up any professional loose ends with the following advice:

    1. Streamline your activities. Schedule blog and social media posts ahead of time if possible on WordPress or through Hootsuite or TweetAdder, says Natalie Sisson, the Suitcase Entrepreneur. But you might want to keep an eye out for any big news during the holidays in case you need to adapt your messages.
    2. Set up your systems. Make sure your voicemail and out-of-office email replies reflect your plans for the holidays. Use an online tool like Doodle to simplify your scheduling.
    3. Clean up and prepare for next year. Clear out your email inbox and remove anything more than a month old. Organize your computer, and file documents in their proper folders. Clean up your office too! It will do wonders to get you off to a good start in 2015.
    4. Get your finances in order. Review budgeted and actual revenues and expenses to help plan your finances. A great tool is inDinero, which keeps track of your business with visual graphs as well as reminders of bill payments and whether or not you’re on track.
    5. Prioritize! Figure out what activities are the most important to ensure your business continues operating and progressing forward while still giving you the time and flexibility to enjoy the holidays. Try RescueTime for your ideal work-life balance.


    Perk up with a positive mindset

    Once you’ve got work items in order, you can focus on getting in the right attitude for 2015 — by thanking your clients, partnering with community organizations and getting creative on ways to leverage your company’s brand marketing efforts. Sisson offers additional tips:

    1. Tis the season for caring and sharing. Get into the holiday spirit by sending holiday cards to your customers and clients online. Include a note of appreciation and a holiday blessing. Also, send the greeting to your newsletter subscribers.
    2. Make new contacts. Take along your business card to holiday festivities. You never know who you will meet along the way. Follow up with your contacts, and connect with them on LinkedIn with a personal introduction.
    3. Reflect and reset. Is your business where you envisioned it a year ago? How can you carry on the momentum into the New Year? Or how can you redirect it so it’s back on track?
    4. Use down time for personal development and growth. Catch up on the reading you’ve been meaning to get to. Learn some new skills and ideas to help your business grow in 2015.
    5. Relax and enjoy the holidays! Don’t forget to recharge your batteries and de-stress. Spend time with friends and family and offers thanks for all your blessings.

    And there is certainly no better time than the holidays to say THANK YOU to all of our clients for your business. The Coles team thanks you and wishes you a happy holiday season and successful 2015!


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