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  1. Best Ways to Organically Increase Facebook Page Likes

    April 10, 2018 by admin

    With more than two billion users, Facebook offers a huge potential target audience for your business. And with more than 60 million active Facebook business pages on the network, there’s a lot of competition to break through. Pay-to-play options aren’t the only way anymore. Try some of our tactics and begin to grow your Facebook page today.

    Invite to Like

    If people are reacting (liking, laughing, loving, wowing) your posts on Facebook, your page now has access to invite them to like the page as a whole. This simple process can be utilized to promote your page to relevant Facebook users. To access this feature, click on the number of “likes” under any post on your page. You’ll automatically get a list of every user who has liked the post, and on the right of each user’s name, you will see a button that shows if the user has already liked your page. If they have not, you have the option to “INVITE” them to like your page.

    The good news is this invitation will come from the Facebook company page itself and not from your personal account. Go through some of your highest-performing posts and start inviting users to like your page who have previously interacted positively but maybe have not liked your page as a whole yet. You will get a notification saying “XYZ has accepted your invite to like your page,” and watch the page likes roll in.


    Create 360 Photos

    This relatively new feature allows Facebook users to essentially get a “3D view” of a certain place you are trying to highlight. Have you recently upgraded your workspace? Is the event you are promoting in a scenic area? The 360 Photo option gives a deeper glimpse into what it’s like to be where you are. A very successful game version was created around the premise of Where’s Waldo. You have two options: the panoramic view — which is narrow; and the world view — which encompasses more of the all-around perception. The world view is better in places with more visual aspects besides carpeting and ceiling tiles.

    Why should you be using it? Users must either click to see around inside the photo or turn their phone side to side, making them actively engage with your content. The more your photo is engaged with, the higher likelihood it will populate on the timelines of people who do not currently like your page.

    Go Live

    Some businesses may be hesitant to go live since anything can happen, but that is why these videos get a much higher reach. People tune into a Facebook Live video because they feel like you are streaming content directly to them. To calm your nerves, these can be rehearsed beforehand to reduce the amount of hiccups possible. Going live alerts your followers and encourages them to tune in right then, creating a sense of urgency. Driving this engagement organically helps promote your brand, gets new users interested and keeps current followers entertained. Facebook said live videos can drive 10 times as many comments because of the real-time connection between users.

    Ways to use Facebook Live:

    • Experiment with hosting a Q&A session with your company’s president or other manager
    • Promote going live across other social media platforms ahead of time to create buzz
    • Provide a first-person point of view walking around an event
    • Show off or explain a new product or service in detail
    • Highlight your company’s culture


    Share Positive Reviews

    Whether you offer a product or a service, people will review it. Do you have some good 4 or 5-star reviews? That’s great to have, but most of the time they aren’t visible on your profile and have to be searched for. A way to bring attention to them is to share those positive reviews directly onto your timeline so they become prominent. This adds more credibility to your page and is a third-party endorsement, letting others know they love your company. In doing so, this encourages others who may not have written a review yet to write one. The more reviews your company has, the higher the Facebook algorithm will rank your page — and the higher you are, the closer you’ll be to receiving more likes.

    Now get posting! And if you’d like help increasing your social media presence, feel free to contact us.

    By Meagan Hook, Social Media Manager

  2. Advertising Healthcare in the Digital Age

    March 7, 2018 by Sam Watermeier

    What is the first thing you do when you’re feeling under the weather? You probably hop on the internet to research your symptoms, right?

    These days, people do their homework before scheduling any kind of medical appointment. When they have a medical issue, they tend to start combating it online. In fact, one in every 20 searches on Google is healthcare-related, and those who are in-market for services tend to gather information on Google before taking any action.

    Cyberspace is the place to be when it comes to connecting with potential patients. Although you can certainly catch consumers’ eyes with billboards on the highway and ads in the local newspaper, you have an even better chance of grabbing their attention online.

    When we steer new healthcare clients toward digital advertising, they often worry about their companies getting lost in the clutter of online information. Are you hesitant to make the leap into the digital world? Let’s dive in together and look at the benefits of digital advertising. 

    The Measurability of Digital Advertising

    Traditional marketing methods, such as billboards or television commercials, don’t always produce tangible results.

    With digital advertising, you can access analytics that show you how ads are performing and what kind of progress you’re making. You can see …

    • The demographics you’re reaching
    • What time of day the ads are reaching the most people
    • How many users are clicking on the ads
    • The amount of conversions — the number of users taking actions to become patients (filling out contact forms, calling the medical office, scheduling appointments, etc.)
    • The cost per conversion 

    Here’s a sample of a report from our digital advertising strategist Christy Stewart that shows the positive results of the Facebook display ads and Google search ads we created for one of our healthcare clients.

    As you can see, this report shows a significant increase in conversions and website traffic coming directly from our digital advertising efforts.

    The measurability of digital advertising helps our healthcare clients refine their strategies, defend their marketing budgets and determine what is giving them the best return on investment.

    Standing Out in Cyberspace

    One of the main concerns we hear from healthcare companies is the worry that they will fail to stand out online. But with digital advertising, we can …

    • Target specific audiences
    • Zero in on your market by geographic location (a.k.a. “geotargeting”)
    • Reach the top of search listings
    • Turn off the ads that aren’t performing well to save room in the budget for the ads yielding positive results

    “It’s easy to be nimble with digital advertising. You can change your ads with the click of a mouse.” — Christy Stewart, Digital Advertising Strategist

    The bottom line is that when people are scrolling through content on their computers and smart phones, they’re frequently looking for a health organization like yours. All you have to do is put yourself out there for them to find. And after collaborating with several healthcare clients on digital advertising, we can assure you that this is one of the most effective ways to boost your business.

  3. #MotivationalMonday

    January 29, 2018 by Veronica Lytle


    It’s Monday. Again. And believe it or not, we couldn’t be more excited. Today, the Coles Team is cooking up some great ideas and taking Monday by storm (yes, lots of coffee may have been involved). We’re exploring fresh content, expanding our creative minds and pushing our digital knowledge to the limit. So, put your positive pants on and show Monday who’s boss. You can totally do this.