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34th Annual Great American Smokeout

November 19, 2009 by Brian Coles

In honor of the 34th Annual Great American Smokeout, O.B. Noxious (a Coles staff creation) was out on the prowl. Take a look at the video and read below.

We personified a cigarette. We gave it arms like us and legs like us and a persona like us.

We set it loose for a couple of days. And we captured it roaming around OUR Indiana – through our downtowns, in and outside offices buildings, in our suburbs, outside our schools and down our country roads.

Look at him. He’s on the prowl. He’s on a journey.

He’s destined to attract anyone who’ll listen. It doesn’t matter where he is. He can be in one of the state’s most affluent suburbs and grab whoever’s there. He’ll take a trip to most impoverished areas imaginable and add to his following.

He entices, as you can see. He lures. He grabs and refuses to let go. And he strives to ultimately capture souls to live his way, which is inhale, inhale again and repeat.

He’s real, just like what you’ve seen here. He can turn lives upside down. We all know that.

Let’s face it. Smoking has been a social ill for a long, long time. It’s killed so many. It’s changed so many lives – long before you, long before your grandparents and long before their grandparents.

What can we possibly do to change this vicious cycle?