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  1. Harness Joins Coles Marketing as Full Stack Developer

    September 1, 2017 by Christopher Lloyd

    Coles Marketing has tapped Adam Harness, a veteran web developer, as Full Stack Developer/Technical Lead. He will create and enhance websites, guide the technical side of the development process and troubleshoot any digital problems for clients.

    Harness has a computer graphics technology degree from IUPUI and more than 12 years of web experience, including running his own digital consulting agency. His background includes working with a wide range of clients, enterprises, political campaigns and causes. He keeps abreast of emerging technologies so he can master them and then apply that knowledge to the marketplace.

    “Adam will help us integrate all the different pieces of client website development, such as copywriting, graphic design and photography/videography,” said President Barbara Coles. “Coles Marketing continues to build its capacity to serve every aspect of clients’ web presence and digital outreach.”